Privacy statement

Best Global Logistics values your visit to our website. We want you to know what happens with the personal information you provide when you do a request or when you approach us via the website. The personal information you provide, including your email address, will be used only as follows:

Personal information you provide when you do a request and/or when you ask a question will be kept and used to provide you with news updates and to maintain contact with you.
Personal information you provide if you request information from us will be used once to provide you with the information requested.

Stored information will also be used internally to analyse visits to the website in order to optimize the site.

We will not sell or pass on your personal information to third parties that are not part of Best Global Logistics.

Our website contains links to external websites. Best Global Logistics is not accountable for the privacy rules applicable to those websites.

Storage of information

Best Global Logistics uses information in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. Before you can access particular parts of this site, Best Global Logistics will ask you to provide certain information. It will keep this information on file.


Cookies are text files that your browser 'remembers' and saves on your computer at the request of an internet site. A cookie is an unique identifier that enables the website to remember certain information so that you do not have to retype it. The information Best Global Logistics places in a cookie is used only in respect of Best Global Logistics' website in order to make the site easier to use.


Best Global Logistics will inform you if it changes its policy on privacy and its use of information. We will announce such changes on this page.