Air Freight Ex Thailand June 2022 Cover

Air Freight Market Situation – Ex Thailand

World and local events can have a significant impact on the routing of air freight and recently we’ve seen the tightening of available space due to impacts on other modes of transport such as sea freight and changes to fuel surcharges. It’s our responsibility to stay informed and relay important information to our customers.

We currently have a few updates to share that’s important to anyone considering the movement of cargo by air freight out of Thailand.

North America


Currently space is available and improving. Transit times are running 5-6 days for airport to airport by indirect service.


Flights from Bangkok to other locations within Asia are not facing any space issues for both direct and indirect service.


Destinations such as FRA/LHR/CDG/AMS/ZRH/VIE

The space situation is improving, and space related problems are not expected. However, do expect the regular pressure on space at month and quarter end. Transit time is 3-4 days airport to airport by indirect service.

Fuel Surcharge

World gasoline prices have been increasingly weekly due to the Russia & Ukraine situation. As a result, many airlines have been announcing changes to fuel surcharges every 2 weeks.

Currently IATA Areas 1 & 2 is about THB 59-61/kg. IATA Area 3 is around THB 22-30/kg.

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