BGL Announcement on COVID-19

Dear valued business partners,

We finding ourselves once again in unknown territory with the COVID-19 virus that has spread across the globe since end of December 2019 and where the situation has gotten worse for many countries and its population falling ill and even pass away due to this.

Your and also our own employees’ health is of course the most important and will remain a priority throughout this ordeal until there is no more serious threat anymore.

The Government in Thailand has decided on implementing new regulation to deal better with the situation hopefully as published in the newspapers and explained on Television on March 16th of March 2020.

In the meantime, Best Global Logistics Co. Ltd. will continue to provide our dedicated services to all our loyal customers and overseas partners for all transport modes, being it import or export and services such as Air Cargo, Ocean freight, Custom Brokerage and also General and Free Zone warehousing in Thailand.

The management has implemented various steps to ensure you can continue to reach us and process your shipment. These include but not limited to:

  • Management and staff divided into 2 group with equal competences for work turns in period of 1 week at either from home or the offices. Especially for Bangkok this will be important.
  • Additional note books are hired to ensure working from home is possible for all staff.
  • The working hours for the Bangkok Head office is more flexible while we changed the time from 08.00 AM until 17.00 PM to 07.30 AM until 16.30 PM to allow the BGL employees that do need to travel by Public transport to do this as much as possible doing off peak hours for their safety.
  • All our employees have their body temperature measured 2 times per day and being recorded.
  • Until further notice we stop all visits & meetings outside the offices.
  • We also ask your understanding that we would not hold all visitor meetings at our BGL offices
  • Any messenger or other non-BGL staff that come to bring or collect documents must prior to entry have their temperature measured and only under 37.2 Degrees Celsius will be allowed to enter the lobby area. Washing the hands with sanitizer is also mandatory.

Further I like to update on the current situation and also the outlook in regards to the International transportation as experience locally and from information received from overseas.

We hope that you can understand the difficulties we are possible facing to ship any products currently around the world. We generally expect that the situation will worsen in most places before we can report improvements again. The supply of services vs the demand is very unbalanced right now and this have a clear effect of the cost in general. This trend will continue.


Air cargo Services news:
Expect to see more temporary disruptions in servicing Bangkok Intl airport by European and possible Middle Eastern based airlines since the demand for passengers will possible come to a halt with traveling being postponed and restrictions or even lockdown status in place. This will directly have an effect on the space for air cargo, e-commerce & parcels and also the courier shipments of which a lot of the regular airlines are being used by the integrators.

For “main deck” cargo, which is about 1.55cm or more in height of packaging, this type of services will be likely to be also very difficult to find to Europe or USA. On request only.A large number of airlines have advised that due to the reduction of flights and higher costs for continue their services they apply the Priority cargo tariffs.

For air import services all the origins are of course facing the same difficult situation to find the space to uplift your shipment at an acceptable pricing level.
Please stay in close contact with our Account manager so they can update and advise the best solution for you and move your products, parts or machinery.

We must make careful choices with the airlines since already some airline completely ceased their services due to financial situation and we can expect possible more others will follow.

Please consult the table with airline information below.


Ocean freight Services updates:
Already since the start of Chinese N.Y. the shipping lines having to adjust their sailing schedules as is common this period due to drop in export to Europe and Trans Pacific. Due to the Covid-19 domestic travel ban & holiday extension in China these schedules were again disrupted and many voyages were void since commercially not viable for manage their business.
The consequence of these void sailings resulted in also less vessels arriving at Europe ports with both equipment and not having the ability to load export containers from most Europe countries back to Asia. As such on a regular basis ports were omitted and cargo back log created. This situation is still continuing although now China production have presumed for most part and more export cargo to be shipped which would lead to an improvement to return to normal schedule however for export from Europe this will take about 1 month to see the effects.
Depending on the European countries which are under a lockdown by their governments for all non- essential domestic traveling we will have to await for the level of impact on the manufacturing and supply chains which already must be disrupted by parts or components not arriving from China or other Asia countries. Finally, the export volumes may also drop as we have seen in China previously.

Due to the critical situation in the global trade the prices for container services between Europe & China have increases by the shipping lines and facing peak or other surcharges related to the situation.
The business with the North & South America is expected to face a similar faith as seen in Asia and Europe although they are somewhat behind in the cycle.

In Thailand until now the Port Terminal in Laem Chabang and Bangkok Port operate as normal.


Earlier announcement by the Thai Custom House advised that for businesses that import from China they accept a copy of the Form E document first and submit the original within 30 days of release of cargo. If cannot meet this conditions the importer will face the duty and a penalty accordingly.

Any import or export of surgical mask is subject to strict rules and inspections to avoid any smuggling.
With the cancelation of Songkran holidays on its original period, the Thai Custom must follow suit to continue working as well.

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