War Risk Surcharges

Flight Schedules & New Surcharges Due to Conflict in Ukraine

The current conflict in Ukraine has triggered multiple airspace closures around the globe, which has forced carriers to alter routes and tighten capacity. As a result, many air carriers are not readily accepting general cargo bookings and are reserving space for higher tier services such as Express or Premium for cargo movement.

Furthermore, due to airspace closures the extension of routes has become common.

Current Considerations:

  • War risk surcharges are being levied by numerous carriers.
  • All flights to/from Ukraine have been suspended.
  • The US has banned Russia from utilizing US airspace.
  • The EU, Canada, and the UK have all banned Russian-owned and Russian-controlled from entering their respective airspace.
  • Russian airspace is closed to all countries that have banned Russia from its airspace.
  • Some airlines have canceled all North Asian flights.
  • Many airlines have already suspended some flights and have designed alternative routes for others. This has led to extended flight time and higher fuel costs.

We encourage all shippers to consider current market conditions when planning shipments. BGL is closely monitoring the situation and will proactively provide updates as the situation in Ukraine evolves.

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