About Best Global Logistics

Best Global Logistics Co., Ltd. is a third party logistics service provider that offers a comprehensive suite of sophisticated logistics solutions. We’re dedicated to helping our customers develop powerful, efficient and effective supply chains that will enhance and create more opportunities for accelerate your business growth. All of this is done based on a personal touch and with a real care to detail.

Our mature global network enables us to provide truly seamless door-to-door transportation services whenever and wherever they are needed. With our highly-trained staff and trusted partners in many countries worldwide, BGL can provide full-service support throughout every step of the supply chain.


Who Are We?

  • International Freight Forwarding company
  • Logistics service provider
  • Custom Broker
  • Thailand based with nationwide services
  • A successful & experienced management team & employees

Mission & Vision Statement

It is BGL Mission to enable our esteemed clients and partners to already be prepared for the “world of tomorrow” in their Supply Chain process.  This will be made possible through our experienced & diverse management team, specialized and trained employees, our selected exclusive global partners and of course supported all by smart data management technology.

Our BGL vision is to offer our employees an ideal work environment where they can continue developing their skills set and inter personal capabilities, conducting business in an ethical correct and environmental friendly way, making BGL being a truly recognized leader and brand in the Transport and Logistics industry.

Why BGL?

Best Global Logistics is a leader in providing the right solutions for any logistics function, whether it’s big or small, simple or complex. When you choose BGL, you can rest assured that our highly-trained staff is fully committed to doing everything it takes to add value to your business. Our proven track record shows that we have the expertise, hands-on experience and strong networks that are necessary to get things done at the highest international standards.

Our Advantages

Company History

Best Global Logistics was founded in Bangkok in the year 2014 by a group of freight forwarding and logistics experts who believed it important to provide dedicated and personalized service to the clients and also overseas partner network. After 7 successful years and mostly results with high double digits growth, the company now in 2021 employs over 85 staff, working out our 4 locations in Thailand.

  • Ranked among the fastest growing independent 3PL companies in Thailand
  • Management team have extensive transport & logistics industry experience
  • Empowered Customer Service team, flexible and fast decision making ability
  • State-of-the-art IT network & innovative software tools
  • Financially sound organization with strong brand name
Best Global Logistics Thailand Bangkok Office
Best Global Logistics Thailand Free Zone Warehouse
BGL Laem Chabang Office
BGL Thailand Airport Office

Executive Management Team

BGL Thailand Management Team

Management Team

Mr. Stefan van der Sluys

C.E.O. & President

Mr. Stefan van der Sluys is one of the founding members of the company. After 3 years working as a Maritime Merchant Marine officer, he started his career in the freight forwarding industry in 1987 began at Amsterdam Airport with Danzas Air & Ocean.

After gaining all round experiences in different positions in the Netherlands a move at K+N brought him to Asia. First to Hong Kong than China before accepting a Managing Director position for DSV Air & Sea in Bangkok Thailand late 2003. Finally after opening up 6 countries in 6 years in S.E. Asia for another European based 3PL, the decision was made to open up an own company in 2014 under Best Global Logistics name.

Mr. Hiroyuki Mirin

Vice President

Mr. Hiroyuki Mirin, with a bachelor of Maritime Science at Kobe University, Japan joined BGL team at the end of 2018 as the new Vice President. With also 30+ years working the logistics and transportation industry of which 12 years abroad  Mr. Mirin brings a vast experience to the company. All his professional life he has been with our partner Senko Co., Ltd. from Japan.

Ms. Penpaka Rojanavisas

Customs & Compliance Director

Ms. Penpaka Rojanavisas experience in the freight forwarding & logistics industry dating back from 2004. Her career started working at a local Thai Freight forwarder while after a few years made the change to a top tier International 3PL where she held positions in the Air cargo department and in Key Account management.

After this Ms. Penpaka hold various management positions at International Logistics companies in Thailand. She is since 2014 a founding member of Best Global Logistics Co., Ltd.

Ms. Penpaka aims to continuously challenge herself to keep herself up to date and improve her industry knowledge. Latest accomplishment is obtaining the Customs Specialist Certificate which is very valuable to B.G.L. Her current position is the company director for Customs, Compliance and Quality Management.


Mrs. Sasipatr Siriboonskul

Sales and Marketing Director

As one of the founding director of Best Global Logistics, she brings along 17 years combined experience in the Freight forwarding & Logistics, both in operations and in Sales & Marketing.

During these year she gained valuable knowledge and expertise in a variety of Industries present in Thailand such as Automotive, Healthcare, Food & Feed products, Industrial Parts & Equipment.

Mrs. Sasipatr strong organizational skills and attention to detail making her a favorite with many of the company customers and overseas partners.

Mrs. Thitima Iamphaibool

Commercial & Procurement Director

Our management team member& founding director of BGL, she is responsible for all Ocean freight Operational services and Liner Procurement. 

Mrs. Thitima 20+ years of experience with working at large shipping line as well as successfully at International Freight Forwarders in Thailand in sea freight management and commercial positions.

Ms. Patchanee Jirawipapan

Finance & Accounting Manager

Ms Patchanee has joined the management team as our new Finance & Accounting Manager at BGL in 2020 following an extensive search by the company to find a new colleague who can meet our high company standards and shares the same positive mindset.

Ms. Patchanee's experience in th Finance & Accounting profession speaks for itself. She holds a Bachelor's Degree Major in Accounting followed with an MBA in Finance & Banking, she started her professional career 1997 at a leading International PCB Assembly Manufacturer. After some time she switched to the Logistics Industry where she spent 16 years at CEVA Logistics (Thailand) Ltd. in top financial and accounting positions.

Ms. Patchanee has seamlessly blended in with the BGL team and with the back-office firmly under control, she is responsible for Finance, Accounting along with also H.R and IT matters.

Mr. Thapaphat Patcharamenttaisong, Laem Chabang Branch Manager

Mr. Thapaphat Patcharamenttaisong

Laem Chabang Branch Manager

K. Thapaphat Patcharamenttaisong (nickname K.Nueng), age 47 years, joined BGL in 2021 as the Branch Manager of BGL's Laem Chabang office. With over 18 years in various positions in the Port, Offshore ind., Freight Forwarding and logistics industry, K.Nueng is well versed in all the tasks and motivated to expand the BGL footprint on the Eastern Seaboard.

Suvadee Jarupeng

Ms. Suvadee Jarupeng

Air Cargo Manager

Ms. Suvadee Jarupeng is our latest addition to the BGL Team who joined us at the beginning of 2020.

She is in charge for the whole Airfreight Department and brings over 30 years’ industry experience in the Airfreight Cargo Industry and is closely connected with major Airlines in Thailand.

Prior joining BGL Ms Suvadee was working with well-established Thai and Global-established Freight Forwarders in Thailand. 3 years at Tour Royal Air Caro Co., Ltd, 13+ years with Kuehne+Nagel, 13+ years with UTI and 13+ years with DSV. Ms Suvadee is very hands on and a great addition to the BGL Family.

Mr. Cheewit Mookprom, Logistics Manager

Mr. Cheewit Mookprom

Logistics Manager

Mr. Cheewit Mookprom, or by his nickname Khun Pure, has already nearly 20 years of experience in managing Value-Added Logistics, General Warehousing and Supply Chain Management in Thailand. K.Pure, worked for key 3PL players before joining BGL, including at DSV Solutions in the function of Operation Manager.

Using K. Pure's natural leadership skills, his assignment is to continue our great success and manage the expansion of our Free Zone Warehouse operation nearby Bangkok. Further goals are to establish our own BGL general warehousing DC operations in the Eastern Seaboard and increase business nationwide in the distribution for our valued customers using all modern IT and MHE tools available to be a more cost efficient logistics solution.

People Equipped with Technology

Nowadays, for all businesses even B2C or B2B activities, having an efficient logistics & supply chain management will boost your business growth and maintain high services level. In terms of international business, logistics & supply chain management, this does not mean only to delivery product within deadline but it covers all steps starting from procurement into international transportation, required documentation for customs at both ends, include a possible storage service, until the distribution to your end customers & buyers.

Accurate & real time Data management is very important for our customers to have full visibility of any movement of products, not only the physical transportation, it must include information such as schedules, documentation, communication as well, to reassurance that all in order and potential hurdles, or disruptions,  are dealt with swiftly. BGL’s information technology does just this and have you focus on managing your business!

person typing on keyboard

BGL understands the importance of Logistics Management in your supply chain. For that very reason we have developed 2 state-of-the-art IT Systems to assist in the management and administration of your entire supply chain.

  • Highly Responsive Customer Support
  • Centralized Communication Platform (My BGL)
  • 24/7 Shipment Tracking at your fingertips
  • Support at every stage of your shipment

Compliance & Sustainability

The need for legal compliance entered into a new phase after the September 11, 2001 attacks when safety and security measurements were stepped up by all Governments and authorities.  More rules needed to be complied too by all stakeholders in the transport of passengers but certainly also for the cargo movements across international borders. One such example is the CTPAT certification by US Customs & Border Protection implemented by November 2001.  Fulfilling the requirement enacted by Governments of countries around the world is now part of doing business and to meet the standards of compliance is important for the supply chain of companies doing International business.

At Best Global Logistics Co., Ltd. we consult our customers and partners on the rules and regulations applicable for the origin or destination country related to the documentation and cargo information. Our skilled operations members plan carefully for timely submitting data into the systems such as Advanced Manifest System (AMS) or other such platforms helping your company to avoid penalties or delays at country of destination.  To ensure we have constant focus on compliance affairs we nominated one of our management team member to take on the function of Customs, Compliance and Implementation Director.


Compliance is also extreme important when it concerns the correct data entry in the Customs declaration submitted. Choosing the right HS Codes classification is key in Thailand for paying the exact amount of duty and tax as required by the law.  Not following this principle a company as importer of record can become eligible to pay hefty fines.  Our BGL customs specialist members can advise you for any new product or item you wish to import into Thailand.

When providing consultancy to our customers we feel it is our duty to provide you with a sustainable transport process that meets all modern criteria and assists to avoid unnecessary disruptions.  Together we select the transport method that will have the least impact of the environment and global climate. 

Global Network


Best Global Logistics Co., Ltd. realizes the importance of solidarity. And returning profits to society therefore we has a policy to organize CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities every year because we want to see the smiles of both the giver and the recipients. All employees are involved to sharing “Return profits to society” such as sustainable, engaging local community, for environmental or social purpose and others.

CSR 2016

Project 1: Mangrove forest planting at Khok Kham, Muang, Samut Sakorn – BGL

BGL join in planting mangrove forest to restore balance to nature at the Learning Conservation and Rehabilitation Center.

CSR 2017

Project 1: Volunteers build weir at Khao Krachom, Suan Phueng, Ratchaburi

Volunteer building weir for the Land Vol. 14 Project, Saturday 4 February 2017.

Project 2: Plant a forest by shooting seeds at Khao Krachom, Suan Phueng, Ratchaburi

​Planting seeds at Khao Krajom.​

CSR 2018

Project 1: Embroider bamboo to slow down the waves at Bangpakong, Chachoengsao

Embroider bamboo for fish, aquaculture nursery and building a crab condo on Saturday, 30 June 2018 at the Mangrove Forest.

About Thailand


Thailand is located very centralized in Southeast Asia with neighboring countries Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Malaysia. The country has very extensive costliness along the Andaman Sea in the west and Gulf of Thailand in the east.

Its area coverers approximately 512,000 square kilometers and is divided in to four geographic regions. The north, the northeast, the central and the southern region. Climate-wise, Thailand has a tropical weather and is generally hot and humid with 3 Seasons, hot from March to May, wet from June to October and Dry Cool from November to February.

  • Thailand is a business location (E.E.C., Logistics HUB)
  • Thailand GDP growth between 3.5 – 4.1% over past 3 years
  • Thailand is the 2nd largest economy in S.E.Asia behind Indonesia