Recycling waste materials

Recycling raw materials has become a major industry within manufacturing and BGL handles the logistics of specific recycling waste materials.

  • Our solutions are tailored to your requirements.
  • We can handle specific types of recyclable materials in the likes, mercury, zinc dust and other types scrap or metals waste.

Recycling & Waste

BGL handles numerous containers of industrial waste per year. Our Logistics Experts have built trust with our clients and handle each client’s independent requirements for global waste management. We can do the same for you.

BGL acts as a control tower, monitoring and coordinating the global management of our clients’ industrial waste, which includes administrative follow-up to guarantee optimized recycling for various industries. Through this process the waste is collected and then prepared for export from Thailand to overseas destinations.

Navigating the industry’s increasingly sophisticated supply chain processes requires a pro-active partner that understands the need for fast turnaround times, globalized solutions, and a high level of flexibility and transparency.

BGL is that partner.

We follow government regulations under the Basel Convention and will ensure that your business is within compliance.

We understand your Pain Points:

  • Can I export waste the same as general cargo? We can answer this for you.
  • How can I manage large volumes of waste? We can develop detailed solutions to ensure optimum waste management.