DIY logistics bathroom

Through years of experience in logistics for the DIY sector, BGL knows the challenges, such as short goods receiving time slots, long waiting times and penalty claims. We'll act for you not only as a purely a logistics provider, but as an extension of your sales arm, solving problem that arise through direct discussions with your customers.

Also for your DIY customers, BGL can deliver products of any kind to with the desired delivery dates. We're particularly skilled with handling sensitive, bulky or heavy items, but without the high risk of damage that you could expect when handled by classic cargo shippers.

Our DIY logistics solutions include integrated physical and computerized complete logistics solution, transparent logistics processes along the supply chain, knowledge of local requirements of retail partners, solutions for precisely controlled flows of goods and information (logistics one-stop shop solution), efficient personnel and warehouse planning through optimized inbound goods processes at distribution centers and retail platforms, bundling of goods allows a reduction of ramp contacts at the supplier and retailer.

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