Agro & Agri Food

The Agricultural industry plays a vital role in the Thai economy. Thailand is a well-known hotspot, supplying countries world-wide with staples like rice and frozen seafood. Today this industry employs 29% of Thailand’s total work force and roughly contributes 42.41 Billion or 8.4% of the total GDP to the Thai Economy.

In emerging economies post-production operations and agro-industries contribute more than 50 percent of the added value to the manufacturing sector. Even if the products are only partly processed and sold in bulk, they can still make an essential contribution to the economy of a nation.

We get in touch with producers, traders and also end customers around the globe through the supply chain since shipping raw materials to factories up to distribution to end customers, as well as contributing a range of logistics services and risk management solutions.

  • We deliver value-added services beyond customer expectations.
  • Complying with Thailand 4.0 Industry trends, BGL now provides state-of-art technology to simplify your shipping requirements.
  • BGL can act as your single point of contact for transportation, therefore be rest assured your agro-products are well-taken care of by our Expert Staff throughout the entire shipping, warehousing and distribution.
  • Postproduction and Agro Industries make an essential contribution to the Thai economy.

We understand your Pain Points:

  • Food grade containers
  • Contamination
  • Health Certificate, FDA, other compliance & regulations