Industrial Parts Logistics

BGL is experienced in serving the needs of businesses supplying industrial parts. We understand that on-demand products must be delivered in full and on time. We also know that you want to always know where everything is throughout the process. We support traceability, so you know where your products are throughout the supply chain.

We support you with:

  • An efficient managed supply chain for your products from production to delivery with end-to-end visibility. Know what’s happening when and where
  • Orders fulfilled quickly via our warehouse solutions.
  • Optimized visibility for your industrial parts through our warehouse management software. This ensures flawless inventory management and visibility for your supply chain.
  • Reduce shipping and storage costs with our just-in-time shipping solutions.
  • Benefit from our exceptional technology tools to boost the return of your investment in our demand solutions.

We help you avoid:

  • The poor visibility and routing of industrial parts shipping that results in manufacturing delays.

We understand your Pain Points:

  • The requirement of free time demurrage & detention at destination ports
  • The challenges of oversized dimension & overweight shipments