What’s rendering?

Rendering is the process of converting meat & livestock by-products into usable materials. These products become hazardous without proper management, and due to the potential hazards, Feed & Rendering is regulated by strict veterinary principles to prevent the spread of animal diseases in their respective geographic zones.

BGL understands all of the relevant regulations and is your trusted partner for 3PL and 4PL logistics services. Having expertise in this industry, we can transport all kinds of products and raw materials. For example, we can transport animal feed ingredients, additives, and more.

Feed & Rendering businesses rely on solid logistics management to ensure that every step of the supply chain is successfully managed, starting from processing through distribution until the product reaches the end customer.

The key is not only cost efficiency, but also the control of the product quality.

Our highly trained staff will share useful data with you, including order status, shipment status, and schedule. Our staff will also review regulations and compliance information to ensure your shipment is handled with care during transportation or is stored safely in accordance with the strictest of requirements.

We understand your Pain Points:

  • Quality control for sensitive temperature products, the range of temperature should be stable
  • Carrier require MSDS for Dangerous Goods
  • On time delivering
  • Customer prefer tailor made solutions