BGL’s General Warehouse & Distribution Services are suitable to fulfill most of today’s customer & industry requirements. Our well recognized ability to tailor the solutions to each of our clients based unique conditions and strategies.

We have modern warehouses conveniently located in the BangNa Km19 area, are within short range to manufacturing and business areas, along with connectivity to both dry & wet ports, and Bangkok international airport for inbound and outbound movements. BGL utilizes sophisticated technologies for accurate inventory management & reporting.

Through ASN (Advanced Shipping Notifications) from our Air & Sea Cargo Divisions, cross dock operations can seamlessly be arranged to transit cargo swiftly for just in time deliveries. We flawlessly follow the agreed KPI's standards to timely process each order and arrange deliveries in a competitive framework . The handling of hi-care, fragile and sensitive cargo in the like of ceramic & glass products gives us the expertise to offer the safe method and only necessary manipulation for your cargo.

  • EAFD warehouse
  • Laem Chabang Logistics Center
  • General Warehouse