BGL Industry Solutions

BGL offers customized, industry-specific supply chain solutions designed to give our customers an edge on the competition. Over the years, we have learned your industry language in order to bring more long lasting value to your business.  BGL assists you to take advantage of specific available solutions related to FTAs, Certificates of Origin or other documentation, to pay no more duties or tax than strictly necessary by the laws of the destination country.


With Thailand established as one of the world’s leading automotive hubs, we’re well-placed to deliver integrated supply chain solutions tailored to suit the strict requirements of the highly competitive automotive industry. Furthermore, our familiarity and experience in working with the automotive industry mean we’re able to anticipate your need for safety and maintain just-in-time practices.


In the rapid-paced consumer goods sector, being too slow is simply not an option. Navigating the industry’s increasingly sophisticated supply chain processes requires a pro-active partner that understands your need for fast turnaround times, globalized solutions and a high level of flexibility and transparency. BGL works closely with you, ensuring you’ll stay ahead of the trends – and the competition. Your products will be on the shelf on time to maximize sales results.

Electronics and High-tech

BGL is the name you can rely on when transporting electronics and other high-tech goods. Naturally, we place the utmost importance on supply chain security and loss-prevention. With a dedicated team of industry experts, along with our modern tracking systems, we aim to minimize risk, increase efficiency and get your products in consumers’ hands as smoothly as possible

Industrial Products and Equipment

In order for machines and equipment to operate at the highest levels, all of its components need to be in the right place at the right time.    At BGL, we understand that every piece, no matter how small or large, is a crucial asset for the industrial sector and its users. Our specialized staff will make sure that your supply chain is at its most efficient and timely – ensuring that you have everything you need for success.

Food and Feed

Thailand is a well-known agricultural hotspot, providing countries all over the world with staples like rice and frozen seafood. As such, BGL transports a wide range of food and feed products along with arranging the necessary customs clearance and inspections for both dry and reefer goods. General food safety is a real concern for end consumers and a top priority for global brands. At BGL, we have made it a priority to avoid any cross contamination or other aspects that will influence the quality during transportation. For Cool Chain we have the capability to maintain constant temperature control with top-of-the-line reefer containers and full visibility throughout the supply chain.