Prohibited & Restricted Goods

The Thai Customs Department regulates the importation and exportation of goods shipped to and from Thailand. Some of the regulations can take the form of either:

Prohibited GoodsRestricted Goods
This are products which are prohibited from entering Thailand under any circumstances. Products which are restricted from entering Thailand without permission

Importers, Exporters and their Freight Forwarders who support them have to comply with the regulations set by the Customs Department in order to avoid penalties. Anyone who fails or violates these rules, can be prosecuted under the provisions of the Thai Customs Act.

Under Article 27 of the Customs Act of 1926 Prohibited Products are:

  • Narcotics
  • Pornographic Materials
  • Counterfeit trademark goods and IPR infringing goods
  • Fake notes or coins
  • Reserved animals or CITES-listed wildlife

Under same article of the Customs Act of 1926 are Restricted Goods:

These can be shipped or transiting if the Importer or Exporter has the required license(s) and fully comply with the legal requirements.

  • Buddha image, artifact/objects, antique
  • Guns, bullets, explosives, and the equivalents to guns
  • Plants and their parts
  • Living animals and carcass
  • Food, medicine, cosmetics and food supplements
  • Vehicle parts
  • Cigarettes, tobacco and alcoholic beverages
  • Communication Radio Devices and telecommunications equipment

BGL facilitates communication between Importers, Exporters and Thai Customs in order to successfully apply and receive required Import/Export Permit(s) for products. These products include: foods, cosmetics, medicines, food supplement, and others.


If you have any questions or requests, that you can address to the BGL Management and receive a tailored solution and proposition for your Product(s).

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