Land Bridge

Suriya Promotes Ambitious Land Bridge Project to Chinese Investors

Thailand Showcases Land Bridge Megaproject in Beijing

In an effort to attract substantial foreign investment, Thailand’s Transport Ministry hosted the Thailand Land Bridge Roadshow in Beijing. The event, held at the Grand Hyatt Beijing Hotel, saw the participation of over 30 prominent Chinese entrepreneurs, representing sectors such as logistics, shipping, port management, finance, industrial estates, insurance, and construction.

Leading the Charge: Deputy PM Suriya Jungrungreangkit

Deputy Prime Minister and Transport Minister Suriya Jungrungreangkit spearheaded the roadshow. He has been in China for various transport-related missions, underscoring the importance of international cooperation in this ambitious venture.

Engaging Key Industry Players

The event attracted representatives from major Chinese firms, including:

  • COSCO Shipping Lines (Beijing)
  • Sinotrans Overseas Development
  • China Harbour Engineering
  • China Railway International Development
  • Hutchison Ports
  • China Machinery Engineering Corporation
  • China Shandong International Economic & Technical Cooperation Group
  • Xiaomi Corporation

Unveiling the Mega Project

Suriya detailed the 1-trillion-baht megaproject, which involves constructing deep-sea ports in Thailand’s Chumphon and Ranong provinces and enhancing transport routes between these ports. This land bridge aims to create a vital link between the Pacific and Indian oceans, offering a strategic alternative to the congested Malacca Straits, the primary regional trade route.

Investment Opportunities and Long-Term Benefits

Highlighting the immense potential for growth, Suriya invited the private sector to participate in developing commercial projects around the land bridge. Investors would benefit from 50-year concession contracts, ensuring long-term returns. He emphasized that the project offers direct advantages to logistics operators and significant opportunities for broader commercial development.

Project Timeline and Financial Overview

Suriya shared a detailed timeline for the project:

  • The draft proposal will be submitted to the Southern Economic Corridor Office in Q4 of this year.
  • Investment invitations will be dispatched in Q4 of 2025.
  • Project bids will commence in Q2 of 2026.
  • Land expropriation and construction are slated to begin in Q4 of 2026.
  • The land bridge is expected to be operational by 2030.

The project’s 1-trillion-baht budget is allocated as follows:

  • 300 billion baht for developing the port on the Ranong side.
  • 330 billion baht for developing the port on the Chumphon side.
  • 140 billion baht for establishing a Single Rail Transfer Operator (STRO) cargo transfer center within the ports.
  • 220 billion baht for developing the transport infrastructure connecting the two ports.

A Vision for the Future

The Thailand Land Bridge project represents a transformative vision for regional trade and economic development. By creating a new, efficient trade route, it promises to alleviate shipping congestion and enhance logistics operations, while fostering economic growth through significant investment and development opportunities.

As Thailand takes bold steps towards realizing this vision, the Land Bridge project stands as a testament to the country’s commitment to innovation and international collaboration, promising a brighter economic future for the region.

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