Austria-Germany Trucking Tolls

Toll Fee Increase to Affect German & Austrian Trucking Rates

Significant changes are anticipated concerning truck tolls in Germany and Austria. These changes stem from the Toll Amendment Act passed by the respective governments and encompass several key modifications, including adjustments to toll rates, the introduction of a CO2-based toll, the removal of toll exemptions for natural gas-powered vehicles, and the expansion of toll coverage to include vehicles weighing over 3.5 tons.

These alterations are expected to result in a substantial escalation of toll fees for all truck transports to and from airports and seaports in Austria and Germany. Notably, this increase in toll costs will impact not only Austrian and German shipments but also shipments originating from neighboring countries such as the Czechia, Poland, Switzerland, and others when routed through Austrian or German airports or seaports.

While the precise details of the new toll fee structure have not yet been made public, preliminary information suggests that the toll fee increase could be approximately 83%, leading to a potential rise in total freight charges by approximately 10-15%, depending on whether it’s Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) or Full Truckload (FTL)/Container transport. Furthermore, it’s anticipated that trucking, rail, and barge charges in Europe will also see an increase effective January 1, 2024.

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