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Why Customer Service is Important to BGL & You

Customer service in logistics is significant to building an effective supply chain. After all, it’s the customers who are on the receiving end of your products and get the opportunity to use them. It’s from experience that customers determine a company’s reputation and how it stands out against the competition.

The importance of customer service as a key factor to a business’s future success is why it’s important to BGL.

What is Customer Service in Logistics?

It’s crucial to find customer-based partners in the logistics industry. You want a partner who treats you as part of their business. Having this approach toward customer service allows for better communication and efficient delivery of products. However, in client service, it’s virtually impossible to be perfect, but it is possible to be better and provide customers with the best possible service. All customers, especially in the logistics industry, want to have a smooth and effortless experience.

Why is Customer Service Important in Logistics?

You always want to have strong relationships with your customers because you want them to continue working with your brand. If you strive to build long-term relationships with your customers and aim to gain their loyalty, consider shifting from product-oriented to customer-focused strategy. Besides building good relationships with customers, other things make customer service essential in logistics. For example, getting more time to focus on different aspects of your business, transportation savings, and fast and on-time delivery.

What Are the Elements of Customer Service in Logistics?

Listen Then Solve: When on the phone with a customer, it’s a must to listen and note what the customer tells you. Listening to and solving problems can help the efficiency of your supply chain. If an important issue arises, immediate action should be taken to solve the problem and maintain a smooth process.

Plan to Keep Promises: Reliability is one of the key factors in customer service. If a customer can rely on your company, they will continue to use your business. As a result, keeping promises ensures long-term relationships. But, before you make a promise to a customer, be sure that it can be fulfilled.

Go the Extra Mile: Do extra for your customers. When you go beyond what’s expected, customers are usually impressed and appreciate the action that was taken. Going further to help the customer can also assist in developing positive word-of-mouth for a company.

Logistics Customer Service Tips

Use Customer Service Software

Technology is everywhere, and easier to acquire than ever before. Customer service technologies allow companies to be more efficient operationally. For example, customer service software can make the process of ordering, tracking, and delivering shipments more thrilling for everyone. Customers will want to keep shopping with you if you provide a more updated and interactive process. Having all this software proves to customers that you’re dedicated and take care of the products in the shipping process.

Smart Partnerships

Another way to streamline your logistics process is by partnering with companies that’ll help you in the long run. Customers always want an easy process, so having a company that ensures that is key. However, it’s essential to research the company before partnering with them, so you know how they operate and what they offer.

Bring the Customer Along

Keeping customers informed about what you’re doing is more important than ever. Customers will become more comfortable with your business once they know more about you. A big step in getting your customers to understand what’s going on is providing supply chain visibility. Supply chain visibility shows the customer every step of the process, starting with the product and its development to the time it arrives at their front door. Customers always want to know where their product is, so supply chain visibility and advanced technology can allow that to happen. Along with supply chain visibility comes updating your customers on the process of their products. Real-time updates are essential with packages and enable the customers to track their items on their own time.

Look for Feedback

Without feedback in logistics, no one would know what they’re doing well or poorly. Customer feedback is what drives business improvement. If customers aren’t satisfied, the business should strive to fix such issues. A helpful way to get feedback is by asking customers directly about their thoughts on the process whether positive or negative. A similar method is to create a customer survey once a product has arrived. Customers can rate the business and answer different questions about how the process went.

BGL and Customer Service

Best Global Logistics Thailand takes pride in our customer service and assisting in the supply chain process in any way possible. We strive to help companies grow their businesses through reliable logistics and transportation services. Want to get in touch with us about our customer service?

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